"If we become better communicators, we will become better leaders"

-Jeff Henderson

I am always honored to share my message with those who see the value in building a meaningful legacy. Whether the legacy you want to build is for yourself and family or if your goal is to build a school, business or corporation legacy. I know I can help.

My commitment to you when I step on stage is to inspire you to trust yourself and TAKE ACTION while at the same time offering HABITS, MINDSETS and BEHAVIORS  that are guaranteed to instill in you the confidence necessary to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Subjects I Talk On


How To Legasize Your Life


The S.M.A.R.T. Way To Create A Legacy


Transform Your Income By Healing Your Life

"As a speaker, Samuel has a noticeable ease in the way he connects with his audience. His energy is well balanced. He engages his audience with good eye contact. He makes good use of the stage and has great stage presence. His stories are relatable, inspiring and sometimes humorous. I recommend Samuel as a speaker."

- Julie Hatch, UT

Coming Up Events that I'm Speaking At

Learn How To Build Sustainable Wealth Through Real Estate Investing And Other Wealth Building Strategies.


Come Join Us To Level Up Your Legacy

Next Generation Legacy Wealth Workshop


Join us for a revolutionary look at finances that will not only set you up for financial success now but for generations to come.

Come learn how to FUEL YOUR LEGACY!

I know you have a dream and passion deep within you that needs to be shared to brighten the world.

If you feel my message is right for you and your organization please take action now!